Vehicle Activity
Get a quick look at the most important information
As the first point of reference, customers see information and vehicle stats that are the most recent and relevant. This increases the likelihood of the user responding to a call-to-action.

Customers can schedule service appointments, view notifications and review relative offers. Scroll down the chronological thread and tap on any past appointment to reveal service notes.
Schedule Service Appointments
Give vehicle owners the most convenient way to schedule
Customer engagement based in the cloud and created within web marketplaces, social, mobile, email and messaging platforms. The HELIOS application communicates with social communities, mobile devices and messaging applications, determined by customer preference.

Using advanced application interfaces, HELIOS manages customer and vehicle data while communicating in real-time with industry data services and enterprise management systems.
My Car
Quick and simple diagnostics are just a tap away for customers
Customers can get an analysis of their vehicle condition such as, brakes, oil, air filter and tire levels within the My Car feature.

By collecting vehicle and mileage data, HELIOS can notify customers when their vehicle requires scheduled maintenance or alert a potential vehicle failure in advance.

Vehicle data is used to more accurately determine the current condition of the vehicle.
Shop Vehicles
Dealer inventory, right when customers are ready to shop for a vehicle
By analyzing user and vehicle data, HELIOS owns the first touch point with customers who are approaching renewal or those identified as a service-to-sales conversation opportunity.

HELIOS provides marketers with the ability to promote new vehicle searches based on customer behavior and preferences.

HELIOS automatically uses real-time financing offers to encourage the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.
Shopping Tools
Lending data and real-time social sharing
HELIOS queries lending partners for the best rates available and presents them to shoppers in real-time. Using the HELIOS registered Shop By Payment process, customers can estimate monthly payments based on the best available rate, term length and trade-in value for lease or purchase. With its deep social integration, HELIOS helps ease buyer apprehension by making it easy to poll friends and family for second opinions.


Direct-to-Consumer Messaging
For the first time, direct and constant open line of communication
HELIOS is truly an innovative web marketplace, social, mobile, email and messaging application maintaining a constant relationship and line-of-communication with each customer, an industry first.

HELIOS maintains the line of communication throughout the lifecycle journey of the customer relationship by offering easy ways to discuss vehicle service, approve service requests or communicate directly with a new vehicle shopper.

HELIOS mobile messaging, emails communications and social notifications empower both the marketer and customer.
Social, Search and Email Campaign Management
Integrated Digital Marketing
Drive new and recurring customer engagement by creating digital ads. Thanks to the robust backend built within the HELIOS platform, this embedded level of digital marketing integration gives marketers an unprecedented ability to reach their online audience with proven calls-to-action.
Usage Analytics
Powerful Data Visualization
HELIOS collects and analyzes usage data, uncovering trends and statistics in customer behavior. Clear and concise data visualization helps convey the degree of program success across several key metrics.
Data Directly from the Source
The best integration comes from creating the most powerful experiences through key web marketplaces, social, mobile, email and messaging platforms that leverage capabilities to collect data and communicate with customers. HELIOS holds more accurate information, by interfacing with the source itself - customers and their vehicles.
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